Blandin Broadband Grant

Swift County was named a Blandin Broadband Community (BBC) in June 2018, one of four selected to expand on the broadband assets we have thanks to the Border to Border Broadband program. As a BBC, Swift County embarks on two-year process to work across sectors, engage the broader community, and make the best use of information and services our high-speed Internet can deliver.  We developed a Swift County Vision Report to prioritize tech projects that would enhance life in Swift County. Check out our first round of projects below: 

Customized Welding Training

Start a New Career in Just 4 Weekends for FREE!
CNHi in Benson and Ridgewater College have partnered to provide online and in the lab learning for all ages interested in accelerated training to become a credentialed welder in 5 weeks.

This class has completed.


Digital Marketing Consulting

Small businesses are be invited to apply for one-on-one training to grow their revenues and brand awareness through online strategies with a Marketing Consultant.

Learn more and Apply here today or download application.

Community websites, App Training, STEM Camp for Kids and more!

Teams are working on additional projects to enhance quality of life and make the best use of Swift County's broadband infrastructure. 

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“Being a Blandin Broadband Community will enable our communities to incorporate ‘broadband thinking’ in decision making and planning," said Swift County RDA Executive Director, Jennifer Frost. "It’s an opportunity to utilize our broadband infrastructure as a foundation for future investment, attracting new residents and workforce, enhanced educational opportunities, accessible healthcare and much more.”


Swift County has excellent broadband services. According to the MN Department of Employment and Economic Development, 99.64% of Swift County residents can receive wired broadband of at least 25 Mb/3 Mb compared to the rest of rural Minnesota where only an overall average of 79.26% of residents can receive this level of service. 

This excellent broadband coverage is due to a significant extent due to a partnership of Federated Telephone Cooperative, Swift County and Minnesota’s Office of Broadband. Swift County’s rural countryside has complete coverage with fiber to the home network services, providing essentially unlimited broadband access now and into the future.