A Leader in BioEnergy


A better place to do business, a better place to live, and a place that provides ample resources for bioenergy. Bioenergy companies in Swift County enjoy support from the private sector as well as commitment from public agencies, including Cities, the County, University of Minnesota and Minnesota State College system. Visit Swift County and see what it has to offer.

With its numerous Bioenergy systems, including ethanol production and biomass gasifier, as well as the United States first poultry litter-fueled biomass power plant— Swift County produces enough watts of bioenergy to power 40,000 households. Add to that, local business collaboration with an adjacent university devoted to energy efficiency in both its curriculum and operations, as well as the abundance of native renewable resources, and the result is a region positioned as a leader in the bioenergy initiative!Swift County is ideally positioned to capture strategic opportunities presented by bioenergy. The expertise of individuals and research organizations that already exist in Swift County and our region, are greatly facilitating the development of a regional Bioenergy Beltway. With distinctive energy resources and regional assets, Swift County has a definite market advantage in the bioenergy marketplace, and significant opportunities for the application and implementation of bioenergy technologies present themselves in Swift County’s industrial base of Agriculture, transportation, and manufacturing.

City of Benson Support

Benson is a friendly, progressive, entrepreneurial community located at the crossroads of three major highways. Residents enjoy the quality of life that a small town provides with a modern technology available at their fingertips. Home to one of the finest 18-hole golf courses, unlimited hunting and outdoor recreation combined with a knowledgeable, pro-active business community makes Benson an ideal destination to expand or start your bioenergy business and raise a family. Already a hub of bioenergy industry, Benson is eager to assist you.

University and R&D Support

Bioenergy businesses in Swift County benefit from an advanced network of experts dedicated to accelerate the adaptation and implementation of your bioenergy technologies. University of Minnesota Morris, Agriculture Utilization Research Institute (AURI), West Central Research and Outreach Center (WCROC), Southwest Initiative Foundation, the State of Minnesota, and many more. Innovation that’s local with world-class assistance along the way.

“The addition of two more wind turbines and one steam turbine combined with the biomass plant/gasification system currently under construction on our campus enhances UMM’s stewardship of the environment….And these new resources provide even more opportunities for our undergraduate students to engage directly in real world, high impact research and internships.”

University of Minnesota Morris Chancellor, Jacqueline Johnson

“The University of Minnesota Morris continues to lead the University system—and higher education nationally—on issues of sustainability and renewable energy use. Achieving energy independence by 2010 is a phenomenal goal, but more importantly the data and information gathered along the way will help inform other hybrid renewable energy initiatives across the state and nation.”

University of Minnesota President, Robert Bruininks

Why Swift County?

Bioenergy companies located in our region enjoy such
advantages as: 

  • Ample, affordable real estate for business and employees.
  • Easy public access to numerous world-class installations of Bioenergy systems.
  • Enterprise Zone that includes tax exemptions for companies on income, capital gains, sales, property, wind production and an employment credit for high paying jobs.
  • Excellent Biomass resources from the area’s agriculture base.
  • Unmatched quality of life with 4—seasons of recreation and outdoor activities, scenic surroundings, and hassle-free commutes.
  • Close proximity to first-rate higher education opportunities, including University of Minnesota.

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