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Welcome to Benson! "City of Parks" as Benson is known, is the Swift County seat and home to some of Swift County's largest employers such as: world class manufacturer CNHi, food-grade and efficiency pioneer Chippewa Valley Ethanol Co-op, ISO 9001 certified Custom Roto-Mold, rural health center Swift County Benson Hospital & Clinic, and assisted living center Meadow Lane Rehabilitation Healthcare Center.  Benson takes pride in being a great place to live, work and raise a family.  In Benson you will enjoy the high quality of life, affordable cost of living, homes for every style, and preK-12 Benson Public Schools now offering on-site child care services by Discovery Kids Child Care.  Four full-season recreation opportunities including the Benson Water Park and 18-hole Benson Golf Club, camping & trails at Ambush Park and Benson Ice Rink at the Civic Center.  Learn more about Benson! Visit Benson  Benson Area Chamber of Commerce City of Benson Benson Public Schools...Learn More »


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Swift County

In and Around Swift County Swift County is located in the west central part of Minnesota with an approximate population of 11,000. Swift County is primarily an agriculture community. Besides farming, our county is home to agriculture equipment manufacturers, an ethanol plant, and the new Fibromin Plant which burns turkey litter to create electricity. Swift County was established February 18th, 1870. This county was named after Henry Adoniram Swift, the governor of Minnesota in 1863. The Swift County Courthouse was built in 1897 and was declared a national historic site in 1976. The City of Benson is the County seat of Swift County. The railroad tracks run through the center of the town of Benson and divide the downtown business districts with parks on each side of the tracks. Communities Appleton Benson Clontarf Danvers De Graff Holloway Kerkhoven Murdock ...Learn More »