Meet Two Young Professionals Who Moved to Swift County from Alaska

Friday, January 25, 2019

Brinna and Jeremy Langford are building their careers and growing their family in Swift County after having recently moved from Alaska. Brinna is a 6th grade Special Education Teacher at Lac qui Parle Valley High School and Jeremy is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) for Appleton Area Health Services. Photos courtesy of

Allyson Wasmund Photograph of Langford family holidaysAs a teacher, Brinna enjoys working with and advocating for students with disabilities. She has her Masters Degree in Special Education and completed her thesis on Childhood Trauma, during which she discovered that she has a passion for working with students who have hard-to-handle behaviors and are often misunderstood. Prior to moving to Swift County, Brinna spent eight years teaching special education in Anchorage, Alaska and was the Teachers Union President for the Anchorage Education Association, a group with 3,400 educators. She is a passionate educator and was pleased by the opportunity to continue her career as a Special Education Teacher in the LqPV School District, serving students from both Swift and Lac qui Parle counties. “Teaching in the LqPV School District has been amazing because of the support of administration, co-workers and our communities in general. The district is also good at keeping class sizes small. I get to actually teach at LqP and not just manage large crowds of students,” said Brinna.

While living in Alaska, Jeremy was a commercial and residential realtor. Upon moving, he became a CNA and is currently in school to earn his LPN and RN. Moving to Appleton gave Jeremy the opportunity to follow his dream of working in the medical field, something that he became interested in while in the Marine Corps and afterwards, when he worked as an EMT and at a hospital in Alaska. His role as a CNA, and the proximity to a nursing program, is making it possible for him to work and advance his education goals at the same time.

Why Swift County?

Living in Swift County is providing Jeremy with the opportunity to pursue his educational goals. For Brinna, the move allowed her to continue in her chosen field but, just as important, it allowed her to come home. Brinna was born and raised in Appleton and wanted to raise her own children in Swift County, near her family. “Swift county gives us plenty of room to have to ourselves, but also provides amazing and generous neighbors. After living in a big city, it’s so great to be in a community that really cares about each other and takes care of each other. The support that schools and education in general have in this community is simply amazing. There is a lot for us to do in Swift County - especially as our kids grow; lakes and rivers, prairies, sledding, skiing and snowshoeing. Also, the Lac qui Parle Valley is the best fit for me, as a teacher, as well as for our children,” said Brinna.

Speaking of children, Brinna and Jeremy recently welcomed baby Oliver to their family. This has made their move to Swift County even more fulfilling. “We’re actually able to avoid daycare by Jeremy staying home with Ollie Monday-Thursday and then my mom watching him on Fridays. Jeremy works 12 hour shifts on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. If we had to do daycare here though, the cost is much more reasonable than where we were living before. The biggest advantage as Ollie grows up though, is living in a small, rural town. We feel like we’ll be able to let him play in our yard and ride his bike around town and to the pool. He’ll enjoy the friendships and community at local sporting events and summer rec programs and grow up in a relatiAllyson Wasmund Photograph of Langford familyonship rich environment, exactly what we want for our children,” said Brinna.

Swift County was Welcoming to this Young Family

As a couple moving to Swift County from Alaska, the Langfords received such a warm welcome with locals and neighbors being friendly, and even to help out. “A few days after moving into our new house our neighbors left a box full of garden vegetables and four small flags/markers. When they came back later that day, they let us know that if we put those flags out in the yard to mark the four corners of where we want a garden, he’d come back later in the week and use his tractor to till up the land for us,” said Brinna.

Jeremy, as the newcomer to the area said, “It’s been a little strange being in a place where word travels so quickly. As I meet new people I have found that most already know who I am, where we live, and about our family. Everyone has been exceedingly welcoming and nice! In fact, I often get stopped by community members when we’re around town because they recognize me for my work with their parent or loved one at the Care Center and want to say thank you!”

Come Experience Swift County

We invite other young families to join the Langfords in experiencing the many benefits of living and working in Swift County.

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