Swift County Is Enterprising by Nature

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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Enterprising by nature is more than a tagline. It describes the essence of Swift County, the attitude of the people who call it home, and the drive behind the county’s innovative business climate.

Here, young professionals, families, community leaders, business owners and cooperatives are working side by side to leverage Swift County’s assets and make the most out of life. This is an active community – the type of place where seizing the day means both creating and enjoy opportunities. And opportunities are everywhere.

Swift County has a history of being enterprising

A spirit of entrepreneurism that has been a cornerstone of Swift County’s pioneering perseverance since the county was established with the expansion of the railroads. The initial homesteaders got their 40-acres of land and worked hard to create a sustainable and enjoyable life for their families. Their hard work set the stage for a county that continues to thrive based on the dedication, drive, dynamic energy and work ethic of the people who call it home. Today, this translates into achievements like border-to-border broadband throughout the county – something that is rarely found in rural communities.

Swift County residents are enterprising and make the most of natural resources

Many people choose to live in the county for the abundant natural resources that drive the county’s ag economy and create year-round recreation opportunities. Here, residents and visitors can swim, fish, hunt, ride bikes, snowmobile, hike and spend every weekend enjoying natural beauty. For decades, residents have made their living from these natural resources and those who don’t are still closely connected with the land.

Swift County businesses are enterprising by nature

Innovative business leaders have leveraged Swift County’s assets and resources to create sustainable and growing companies. Their enterprising spirit is found in the innovations and technologies being utilized in the energy/environment and agribusiness sectors. It can also be found in the creative ways leaders have created markets for Swift County products. For example, Glacial Grain Spirits was formed to give local farmers another avenue for selling corn. Their efforts have been remarkably successful, and the spirits created using Swift County crops can now be found throughout the country.

Discover Swift County and join us in being enterprising by nature

We invite professionals, families and businesses to visit and discover why Swift County is the right place for anyone who has dreams and wants to make them come true. Anyone who is willing to work hard will find a friendly and supportive community who is innovative, entrepreneurial, and knows how to have fun.

Contact us for more information on Swift County or the available job and business opportunities that exist here.

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