Swift County Businesses Are Leveraging Border to Border Broadband to Grow

Monday, June 24, 2019

Swift County, known for its enterprising nature, has something incredibly rare in rural communities – border to border broadband. Historically, companies, entrepreneurs and those working from home, have had to choose between expensive cities with broadband access and rural communities with slow internet connections. This is not the case in Swift County. Here, businesses and residents have the advantage of living somewhere affordable and beautiful, while still being able to work remotely, connect with customers across the country, stream and upload content, etc. 

In Swift County, you can have it all and sacrifice nothing. 

Local Businesses Are Leveraging Broadband to Grow

Fast internet speeds reduce the time that it takes to accomplish virtually anything online, from running accounts in Quickbooks, to ordering supplies, to emailing customers. It also makes it possible to meet with suppliers, customers and employees remotely – all things that Swift County can do on a daily basis without thinking twice about it. The best thing about broadband is that it works without question, reducing the time and effort it takes to do things in the process. 

Agvise Laboratories is one of the Swift County businesses leveraging the convenience offered by broadband. They have locations in North Dakota as well and support customers throughout the United States and Canada. Broadband access is essential for their ability to communicate with customers, share information about soil samples and lab test results, or to provide strategic advice to clients. 

Technology and marketing companies like Backstreet Media are also leveraging broadband. They offer technical and marketing services, such as graphic design and marketing materials. In that industry, the ability to communicate with customers remotely and to use robust design software is paramount – and it requires broadband. By locating in Swift County they are able to work with customers throughout the country and deliver results in a timely fashion.  

Swift County is a Prime Spot for Entrepreneurs

Anyone looking to start a business will also benefit from locating in Swift County. Border to border broadband makes it possible to open a location anywhere in Swift County, or to work from home. In addition to broadband access, Swift County also offers businesses an affordable location. For entrepreneurs looking to save money during the startup or growth phase, the ability to save money on real estate is highly attractive. 

Join Swift County Businesses in Making Our Area Home

We invite anyone looking for a new business location to consider Swift County and the many advantages of locating here – including border to border broadband. 


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