Assembling the Right Site Selection Team

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Your company has just decided to invest in a new facility expansion, and you have been chosen to lead the effort. Perhaps you have specific knowledge about a certain manufacturing process or maybe you are the most trusted individual to the CEO. Whatever landed you the assignment is irrelevant; now you must understand the CEO and the entire company are putting their collective faith in you to succeed at finding the best location for the planned expansion.

Everyone at your company has high hopes for the expansion as it is envisioned to take the company to the next level. While that may sound exciting and challenging, you quickly realize the thousands of variables that go into a decision of this magnitude and find yourself overwhelmed. After all, you have specific knowledge of one area of the business and have never overseen a new site selection project, construction project, real estate acquisition, or land development project — perhaps you’ve never even built a fence at your own house! By this time, you may be thinking, what do I do now that my career is potentially on the line? Our advice is focus on your strengths and build a team of the absolute best people around you to mitigate your weaknesses.

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