Swift County’s Kennedy Research July Launch MN Recipient

Friday, September 11, 2020

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Swift County’s Kennedy Research was awarded a Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development Launch Minnesota Innovation Grant in July. Kennedy Research LLC, a rural Minnesota ag startup, is working to develop a low cost and carbon free generator of liquid nitrogen, a crop fertilizer for farmers. The grant will provide the company with the $35,000 needed to continue the research and development of this vital and efficient liquid nitrogen fertilizer generator. 

The tech startup was formed by Pete Kennedy and is located in Murdock, MN. Kennedy hopes to license and commercialize catalytic Non-Thermal Plasma (cNTP), a patented University of Minnesota technology. The research performed by the company will result in a more portable and low-cost version of the nitrogen generator. 

In the United States, liquid nitrogen is an agricultural fertilizer that restores plant-usable nitrogen in the soil efficiently. Unfortunately, currently ammonia is used in the production of nitrogen-based fertilizers, using natural gas as a feedstock, and it is contributing to greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Greenhouse gas emissions have harmful effects on the environment and contribute to a variety of health problems. GHG also contributes to climate change by trapping heat in the atmosphere. Many common respiratory diseases stem from smog and air pollution caused by GHG. 

The liquid nitrogen generator that Kennedy Research is developing does not use natural gas as a feedstock and emits zero GHG when powered by solar or wind energy. 

Individual farmers can use the product to generate nitrogen themselves as a powerful crop nutrient on their own property. The production unit would be delivered to the farmer’s property complete and operational. The generator would only need to be connected to a water and electricity source. Once connected, liquid nitrogen production for personal crops can begin. The nitrogen generator will be marketed under the brand name FarmGenN®.

According to Kennedy, the state-of-the-art FarmGenN® represents a fundamental shift in the way farmers buy and use nitrogen fertilizer. Farmers who use FarmGenN® will save money and have an effective fertilizer to grow healthy crops. Those who use  FarmGenN® will also benefit the environment, contributing to a healthier future. To learn more about FarmGenN®, direct Inquiries to info@kennres.com. To learn more about other companies who are spearheading positive changes in Swift County, click here.

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