Innovative education partnerships in agriculture and natural resources build workforce pipelines and economic ecosystems across Minnesota

Monday, July 26, 2021

Agriculture and Natural Resources are the foundation for much of Minnesota’s economy, and businesses are doing more with raw material than ever before. That also means that the workforce in agriculture and natural resources are becoming more skilled, and in a variety of ways. In turn, education programs across the state are responding to these changes and sometimes driving change themselves. For Agriculture and Natural Resources Month in June 2021, DEED’s workforce strategy consultants are highlighting some of the unique programming and partnerships that train the ever-evolving Agriculture and Natural Resources workforce. One of our primary roles is to coordinate collaboration between training organizations, education institutions, business and industry partners. Contact your regional Workforce Strategy Consultant for more information about these or other innovative workforce strategies in your area.

Here’s a look at cutting edge initiatives across Minnesota’s regions aimed at building a strong agriculture and natural resources workforce throughout the state.

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