Mi Mexico was Born of a Passion for Food and Family

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Stephanie and Juan Cid- Guadarrama have a great love of food and family. They have been sharing that love with our community for 10 years, handcrafting brilliant sauces and family recipes to create authentic, flavorful and sensational Mexican dishes for everyone to enjoy at their restaurant, Mi Mexico. This is a passion that they share as a family. To them, Mi Mexico is more than a restaurant, it is a place for other families to gather and to create memories. Stephanie Cid said, “Our family is working together to create a place for family time where other families can create memories while having a home-cooked meal.”

Mi Mexicofood platterGuadarrama Family

For 10 years, they have made this possible by serving up things like fresh tamales, enchiladas, chips and salsa's, all made at the restaurant. These recipes were passed down from family member to family member, cooked with a lot of love and a lot of flavor.

Time for change

Locally, many of us have enjoyed eating at Mi Mexico and were saddened when the restaurant temporarily closed. With their previous location being sold to a new owner, they had to find a new home. This is where Swift County RDA and the EDA stepped in to help. By working with them to identify a new location and secure financing for the project, we have taken steps to ensure that Mi Mexico can continue to be a vital part of our community. The renovations are going well, and they hope that their new location will be open by the end of the year.

Mi MexicoMi MexicoMi Mexico

At Swift County RDA, this is what we do. We step in to help businesses when and how they need us to ensure that our community can continue to thrive.

Something to look forward to

Now that they own their location, Mi Mexico is getting a facelift. Owners Stephanie and Juan wanted to showcase the beauty of their native Mexico. For this, they have imported handcrafted furnishings and artwork that will grace the walls of the restaurant.

“There is so much beauty in other cultures and we want to focus on bringing that experience to the community. The community has embraced our family and our restaurant, showing us so much support. We enjoy giving back to the community, focusing on the positive and helping people to learn more about our culture” said Stephanie Cid.

Mi Mexico’s new location will be able to seat up to 150 people and will have room for large parties and events. It will also have a semi-enclosed patio with outdoor seating. The bar area will be separate from the main dining to ensure that families can have a nice time together, separate from adults who wants to come in and grab a drink. This ensures that the restaurant can maintain a family-first focus.

10-year anniversary

This is an exciting year for Mi Mexico, marking their 10th anniversary as a restaurant and key feature in the community. “We feel blessed and thankful that the community has supported us and is continuing to support us. It has meant a lot to us that people are checking in on our progress.” This is one of the benefits to being in a smaller community – people care about each other and local businesses. This has been true about Mi Mexico and community support is part of what has allowed them to be successful over the past ten years (in addition to their incredible recipes of course!).

To thank the community and show everyone the hard work they have put into renovating the building, they will be hosting an anniversary party and grand opening. We will post information about that on our social media so stay tuned for details.


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