The Syversons Return Home to Join the Local Medical Community

Monday, July 02, 2018

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Swift County is home to Josie Syverson, MD and her husband, Paul Syverson, DVM.

As two medical professionals, they could have gone anywhere in the country to launch and grow their career. They chose Swift County because they enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of living in a rural area. They appreciate being able to live “in the country” but still be only 15 minutes away from their places of work and never have to worry about traffic! They also look forward to raising their children in this family-friendly community and appreciate the support they have received from so many people since moving back home.

Meet Josie Syverson, MD

A graduate of University of Minnesota Medical School, Dr. Syverson practices at Swift County Benson Health Services.  She is a Board-Certified Family Physician and cares for people of all ages, including women who are pregnant. She provides obstetric and newborn care in both the clinic and hospital setting. By caring for patients from birth through old age, Dr. Syverson provides a continuity of care that makes it possible for patients to develop a close and familiar relationship with their family doctor. There are incredible advantages to this - for both the patients and their medical care team.

We asked Dr. Syverson what inspired her to start a practice in Swift County.

“I was born and raised in Benson and realized during high school that finding physicians to practice in rural areas has become very difficult. I went to college with plans of returning to Benson. My husband and I shared this goal, having both been born and raised in Benson and wanting to return to the area in order to be close to friends and family and to serve the need for an additional physician and veterinarian for the community.”

How has being located here benefited your medical career?

“I am able to develop lasting and meaningful relationships with many of the families that I care for. It can be nerve-wracking but also very rewarding caring for people that I have known outside of the medical field for many years. Additionally, being in a small community, my patients, co-workers and community members are understanding and supportive of the busy lifestyle that comes with juggling my career while raising a family.”

What are your future goals?

“ I will continue to find ways to balance my work and home life to ensure many years of fulfilling practice. I am very happy with my current practice and hope to continue to build the number of families I am able to care for.”

Is there anything that needs to improve or change in Swift County for you to achieve all your career goals?

“A unique challenge to my current practice is providing maternity care without actually having obstetrical services at the hospital in Benson. Currently, I deliver the majority of my patients in Glenwood, MN. Although this has been working very well, it will be an area of continued consideration for Swift County. The biggest  challenge of returning obstetric services to Benson currently, would be hiring at least two additional physicians trained in labor & delivery services and cesarean sections “

What do you want everyone to know about you or your practice after reading the article?

“Family Medicine is an interesting and challenging field. I am required to know a little bit about everything but am not an expert in any one field of medicine. I enjoy caring for people of all ages and will do my best to identify and appropriately treat your medical conditions in addition to providing a range of preventative care services to keep you and your family healthy.”

Meet Paul Syverson, DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)

A graduate of University of Minnesota Veterinary School, Dr. Syverson practices at H&H Veterinary Service in Benson, MN. He is a mixed-animal practitioner caring for all types of large and small animals. He treats animals in-clinic and also spends a lot of his time traveling to see animals an area farms.

We asked Dr. Syverson what inspired him to start your practice in Swift County?

“I was raised on a dairy farm outside of Clontarf and had many encounters with the local veterinarians growing up. It was a positive experience and inspired me to become a veterinarian. After graduating, I knew that I wanted to move back to be close my family farm.”

How has being located here benefited your career?

“It is helpful that I knew many of my clients prior to becoming a veterinarian, they are familiar with my family and my background of growing up with livestock. Because of that, they know that I understand their concerns as a producer, in addition to my training as a veterinarian.” 

What are your future goals?

“I hope to continue to serve the needs of the area as a veterinarian while developing my own livestock and crop production on my family farm. Currently, we are raising sheep and cattle in addition to some corn and soybean farming.”

    The Syversons are Part of Swift County’s Future

By moving back to the area to practice medicine, the Syversons are filling an important role in our community. They, and other young professionals, are the future of Swift County’s rural areas. Our welcoming and supportive community values the daily contributions that young professionals are making. We invite others to consider moving back home or moving to Swift County for the first time.


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