Terri and Bob Orr Moved Home to Grow their Family and Launch a Business

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

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When Terri and Bob Orr decided to have children, they knew they wanted to raise them in Benson. Moving back to Swift County after 17 years allowed them to be close to their large families, reconnect with the community, and pursue their passions in the process. Terri is the Swift County Veterans Service Office Manager and works closely with Veterans. Bob runs their two companies - BackStreet Media and BackStreet Printing. We wanted to learn more about what drew them back to Swift County and how their careers have thrived here.

Q: After leaving Benson, you lived in several places, including the large cities of Minneapolis and Dallas? Did moving back to a rural community hinder your career prospects in any way?

A: Not at all.  I have always wanted my own business. As I was moving from place to place, I was always working towards this end goal. Fortunately, with today's technology, it has made it much easier to start technology-based businesses in rural communities and be able to be successful. (Bob)

My position allows me to work with a lot of Veterans, which is something I enjoy. I know a lot of Vets in the area, so they feel comfortable with me. (Terri)

Q: What do you want everyone to know about you or your business?

 A: There is a lot more to our companies than main street Benson knows about. In addition to BackStreet Printing and Office Supply, a full-service office supply and color and B/W printing company, we also own BackStreet Media - a Technical Writing and Graphic Design business. We develop technical manuals for a wide variety of companies mainly in the Ag, Medical, Recreation, and Construction industries. We create operators, parts and service manuals for those companies. We also work with our customers to help them better market their products and services. This includes developing, brochures, new logo designs, catalogs, web pages, newspaper and radio advertising. Our clients are located around the world and some are Fortune 500 companies. We employ 16 people in in a variety of positions in our company. Our customers and our employees are absolutely the most import pieces of our company and we would not be here without each one of them.

Q: How has being located in Swift County benefited your business?

A: The small town has given us the opportunity to invest in our future. The incredible staff that we have been able to assemble is hard working, caring and trusting. It has given us the ability to grow the business in a way that has benefited the company, employees and the surrounding area. (Bob)

Q: Have you received any assistance, incentives or support from the local community?

A: When we initially began looking into creating our company, we sat down with our local RDA organization and got help from them in the form of what was needed to get things going.  We have received support from the community in the form of working to keep things local and buying from us when possible. Buying local is probably one of the most important things that can happen for any main street business. Without the support of the people, organizations,other businesses, and government bodies, it would be very difficult to thrive in a small rural community. In turn, the tax base that is created turns around and helps the entire community to thrive and grow. (Bob)

Q: What are your future goals?

A: To continue to grow the business in the form of products we can offer to the community and all of our customers. We would like to continue to provide an excellent work place for our employees where they can feel like a very important piece of a successful company while living in a rural community and all of the benefits that provides them. (Bob)

My Goal is to retire as young as possible, to enjoy my family, grandkids and what life has to offer me.  I want to do the best job I can while I am still here at Swift County. (Terri)

Q: Being located in Benson has clearly benefited your business and career. What do you enjoy about living here?

A: There is no place like home to raise your kids and have them close to their cousins and Grandparents. We enjoy getting together with them as much as possible. Living away for a while makes you appreciate how this is a family friendly community. I also participate in the Wellness Committee through my work and enjoy seeing results because of it.  (Terri)

Here, I can be close to family, have trusted employees, ride my bike to work, never drive in traffic and make a good living. (Bob)

We invite you to experience the benefits of living and working in Swift County.

Terri and Bob Orr know what it’s like to live in a bigger city. Still, they chose to move back to Benson to grow their family and launch their business. They are thriving and this has proven to be the right decision. We invite you to contact the Swift County RDA and to learn about the many opportunities that are available here.

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