Young Families Are Choosing to Make Swift County Home Photo

Young Families Are Choosing to Make Swift County Home

Terri Barrett and her husband Dave grew up in rural Kandiyohi County.  Raised on a farm 5 miles east of Sunburg and in a home near Sibley State Park, the Barretts are deeply rooted in the state and knew they wanted to build a life here. We asked Terri about their home in rural Murdock, in Swift County.

“Dave and I were fortunate to come across a vacant farmstead for sale with a few acres and a nice pole barn.  We bought our place the same year we were married and feel so fortunate to be living the country life that we had always wished for. We live in a beautiful area on the Glacial Ridge Trail. There are rolling hills, a beautiful creek and abundant wildlife everywhere you look.  We raise pigs each year for our own consumption as well as chickens for meat and eggs.”

The Benefits of Living in Swift County

With Terri being the Vice President of Financial Security Bank in Kerkhoven and David being a Veterans Service Officer, they could have launched a career anywhere. When making career decisions, the Barretts chose to make Swift County home because they could enjoy country living while being fifteen-minutes from employment opportunities in Benson and Kerkhoven.  

In Swift County, they are close enough to larger towns to take advantage of employment opportunities but without the hassles that come from living in an urban area. When it comes to traffic, the only traffic jams they encounter are the occasional tractor or combine during planting or harvest seasons.

This is also an excellent place to raise a family. Terri said, “The biggest benefit to living here is the small town, community feel and focus.  Swift County is such a great place to work, live and raise our kids. We are surrounded by caring people who watch out for our kids, help when needed and really make this a community that we want to stay involved in.”

Dave said, “Raising a family in a rural setting provides many unique opportunities and experiences for our kids that would be difficult to duplicate elsewhere.  I feel that this is a great place for our family to prosper. ”

Families Should Move to Swift County

Terri recommends that other families move to the area and experience the benefits of living in Swift County. “Families will appreciate the fantastic schools, caring neighbors and abundant opportunities to get involved.  We are most familiar with the KMS school district, which provides numerous academic, artistic, athletic and musical opportunities for our children. We have come to feel right at home and have made a lot of friends. Living here is really everything we could ask for!”

Dave said, “Over time we have connected to a network of great people who share a similar appreciation and understanding of this rural lifestyle.”

Career Opportunities in Swift County are Plentiful

There are abundant career opportunities in Swift County, making this an excellent place to build a career. The Barretts’ careers are incredibly rewarding and they enjoy what they do.

As the Veterans Service Officer for Swift County, David works to help veterans get the benefits they have earned. Terri works as the Vice President of Financial Security Bank in Kerkhoven and enjoys getting to know people from the area and listening to their stories.

Being located in Swift County has made it possible for Terri to work for a family owned, community bank that values their employees and really encourages and supports employee growth.  She started as a part-time teller/bookkeeper with no banking experience and has worked her way up with encouragement and support from co-workers and management. “Employees are valued when working in a small town business.  We all work together to provide the very best service and products to our customers, which makes this a great place to live and do business. Many of the businesses in town have been around for quite a while with long-time employees.  You really feel like you’ve found your place when you are fortunate enough to be a part of that.”

Young Professionals Are an Important Part of the Community

Terri Barrett is a member of the Swift County RDA Board and is applying her skills to help grow Swift County. Young professionals like Terri are an important part of the community and part of what makes Swift County an excellent place to get involved. Here, everyone’s opinion matters because the entire community works together to provide support and resources.

Dave is active in the local veteran service organizations and finds fulfillment by honoring those who have served our country.

Join the Barretts and Other Young Families in Swift County

Swift County truly is an excellent place to live, build a career, and raise a family. We invite you to join us here.

To learn more about the area or to access available resources, contact the Swift County RDA.

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