Go Set Ready Coffee: When You Have a Dream - Go For It!

Monday, March 05, 2018

Sometimes, you just have to go. There is a time for dreaming and a time for action. For local couple Todd and Leslie Widseth, that became clear when planning their coffee business. They always had a love of coffee and dreamt of one day owning their own business. As fate would have it, they read the books Circle Maker and Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson. Both books discussed the value of pursuing dreams and going before being ready, rather than waiting for everything to line up perfectly.  After reading the book, they felt led by God to to launch Go Set Ready Coffee and haven’t looked back since. Todd Widseth commented, “Who would have dreamed that an aircraft mechanic and an office manager could have run this coffee business…..God did!!”

Go Set Ready Coffee is a Swift County coffee shop and a local favorite.  In addition to being an excellent spot to meet up with friends or grab a cup of coffee on the way to work, they are a coffee roasting company, specializing in rich, flavorful coffee. They are a supplier of coffee to several businesses and grocery stores, making it possible to purchase a locally-roasted bag of coffee and hand packed K-Cups when picking up groceries.

We wanted to learn more about their business and asked the Widseth’s a few questions during a recent interview.

SCRDA:    Why did you choose to launch Go Set Ready Coffee  in Swift County?

TW:             This is the community Leslie grew up in and we have lived in for the last 12 years

SCRDA:     How has being located here benefited your business?

TW:             We see the business grow because of the support of the community. God has placed us here to be a beacon of light for the area.

SCRDA:    Have you received any assistance, incentives or support from the local community?

TW:             We did get assistance from Benson’s EDA. As for support….wow this community is amazing as they have really wrapped their arms around us.

SCRDA:    What do you want everyone to know about you or your business after reading the article?

TW:             Go Set Ready Coffee was started to only roast coffee.  After opening our shop we soon discovered that people not only wanted coffee for home, they wanted to get specialty coffees to enjoy when they are out and about or taking the time to meet up with friends.  So we are now serving our fresh brewed coffee along with specialty drinks. We are now also packaging our fresh roasted coffee into K-Cups in addition to whole bean or ground. We have found that it is all about listening to God and listening to your customers.

The Widseth’s are Making an Impact

Go Set Ready Coffee is already a local favorite and well-supported by the local community. They have made an impact here and like so many other entrepreneurs, they are daily making Swift County an even better place for everyone to live and raise a family.

The Swift County RDA Can Help to Plan Your Next Adventure

If you have ever dreamt of owning your own business, have an idea, or would like to expand a current business, let us know. The Swift County RDA is here to provide assistance every step of the way.  For more information, contact Jennifer Frost, Swift County RDA Executive Director at jennifer.frost@co.swift.mn.us.


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