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Jerome Martin Koosman (born December 23, 1942 in Appleton, MN) is an American former professional baseball player. He played in Major League Baseball as a pitcher for the New York Mets, Minnesota Twins, Chicago White Sox and Philadelphia Phillies between 1967 and 1985. He is best known for being a member of the Miracle Mets team that won the 1969 World Series.

Working in Swift County

Swift Success in career and entrepreneurship!

Newcomers and new entrepreneurs share what it's like in Swift.

Meet Todd!    

Todd Finneman, CEO of Enviro-Dyne Industrial Services in Benson, shares his philosophy for building a company: You must first build community.                   


Meet Jason!     

"One of the benefits of living in a rural area is that city governments function in the way they were designed to function"  ~ Jason Brisson, Newcomer to Benson - working in Appleton, Minnesota

Meet Nicolas!    

"The culture of Southwest Minnesota is very open and kind. CASE IH is a family oriented company that seeks a work/life balance. We fit the community and the region."  ~ Nicolas Newman, Newcomer to Benson, Minnesota